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    The Botany Department was started in the year 2016 with UG & Allied Zoology. The department is being blooming in to making wisdom. Our mission is to discover, maintain, and transmit knowledge concerning basic plant biology and provide leadership in the biological sciences. The department is successfully running undergraduate programme in Botany from the Academic year 2016-2017 in Regular only.

    The department has four sanctioned teaching staff and 2 academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff. Currently there are 3 faculty members in the department, appointee in the permanent vacancy. Two faculty members are doctorates. The department library has nearly 400 books of national & international standard, and also has well equipped laboratories with enough chemicals and instruments.

    Totally 142 students are studying in our department. Students are studying zoology and chemistry as allied subjects. Non Major Elective courses are conducted for our college UG students. Apart from the core curriculum the Department also offers a number of extra-Departmental courses such as Horticulture, Energy Resources, Mushroom Cultivation and Medicinal Botany etc.

    Botany is a classical science dealing with not merely the morphology of plants but also their functional aspects and economic importance. Further, the study helps us to understand the role of plants in maintaining the environment besides, saving as a renewable energy sources.

    Plants are most valuable in treating the ailments of mankind. It has several branches such as Plant Morphology, Taxonomy, Anatomy, Embryology, Mycology, Pathology, Physiology, Ecology, Plant Diversity, Ethnobotany etc., besides serving as the basis for several other biosciences. It is a basic science with several research disciplines like modern transgenic biology




    On doing the course Students will be able to:

    • Know about the core concepts in the subject namely the plant kingdom.
    • Exihibit proficiency in selected laboratory skills.
    • Make use of knowledge in the field of horticultural ,mushroom, and medicinal botany in their day today life..
    • Acquire skills on microbiology, biotechnology, and bioinformatics techniques.
    • Get involved in activites through which serve society for its welfare .
    • Apply their skills in government, academic or industrial organizations and research institutions..
    • Giving basic degree to become teaching professionals.
    • Preparing them for various competative examinations.

    Dr.K. Rajkumar, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,PGDCA.,
    Mrs.T.Saranya, M.Sc.,B.Ed
    Dr.V.Tamilselvan, M.Sc.,Ph.D
    No.of Titles 191
    No.of Volumes 191
    No.of Journals 02

    • The Department has well equipped computer with Internet Facility.
    • The Department has well equipped computer with Internet Facility.
    • The Department has well equipped computer with Internet Facility.
    • The Department has well equipped computer with Internet Facility.
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    • We have produced 86% result for PERIYAR UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION first year held on NOV/DEC 2016. Then obtained 100% result for 2017.


    1 2015-2016 Name Department Gold Medal
    2 2015-2016 Name Department Gold Medal
    3 2015-2016 Name Department Gold Medal
    4 2015-2016 Name Department Gold Medal
    5 2015-2016 Name Department Gold Medal
    6 2015-2016 Name Department Gold Medal
    7 2015-2016 Name Department Gold Medal
    8 2015-2016 Name Department Gold Medal
    9 2015-2016 Name Department Gold Medal
    • They are invited as resource person in the orientation programme of the other academic institution.
    • For students benefits, we regurly plan debates, elocution competiton, seminars, guest lectures and faculty visits.
    • We regularly arrange students seminars, case studies, and audio-video presentation to improve their communication skills.
    • We regularly plan large number industrial visits and horticulture tour field trip of various big companies and small scale units as well as service firms and institutions.


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